Circular tri-color bargraph display replaces DB40 style                                           

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Bargraph Meters and Digital Panel Meters

bulletBargraph Meters and Bargraph Displays
bulletP216 datasheet.pdf
bulletP180 datasheet.pdf
bulletPB40 datasheet.pdf
bulletP9224 datasheet.pdf
bulletT9224 datasheet.pdf
bulletP350 datasheet.pdf
bulletRuggedized Bargraph Meters and Bargraph Displays
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bulletBoiler Drum Level Indicator
bulletDigital Panel Meters and Serial Input Panel Meters with RS232C, RS422 or RS485 inputs. Modbus input and Fieldbus input also available
bulletMil-Spec Meters and Military Grade Instrumentation
bulletUser Manuals for Bargraph Meters and Serial Remote Displays
bulletP9000 software command set.pdf
bulletPrecision Instrument Company Configuration Software

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